Thanks, Dr. Sax, for pointing out what should be obvious

Finally someone SAID IT LOUD what is a major mistake that parents make when raising their children in the US.

“Most American parents are completely confused and going utterly in the wrong direction,” said family physician, psychologist and author Leonard Sax. “There’s a collapse of understanding what parenting involves.”

Parents: You’re not doing your job. Sincerely, expert and author Leonard Sax

I hope Leonard Sax’s The Collapse of Parenting: How We Hurt Our Kids When We Treat Them Like Grown-Ups  gonna be next top selling books  after the “What do you expect when you expecting?” for current parents.



Are Social Networking Sites Beneficial for Our Society?

          About a decade ago, the idea that millions of scholars would rush in to join one giant academic social network seemed dead in the water. But today, the social networking sites have become part of everyday life; to stay in touch with our loved ones, old acquaintances or using it for building our professional careers. Businesses now view the use of these sites as an absolutely crucial part of doing business Its purpose is to promote and aid communication. However, this type of technology is not only changing how we one another communicate, but how we interact with one another in daily life. The question now is whether or not social networking sites are beneficial to our society. Did it enhance or degrade our way of living? In my opinion these sites generally helped our society, helped the communication and improved businesses. Continue reading Are Social Networking Sites Beneficial for Our Society?

That’s what you missed :P

I think that tells a lot that I even forgot my password for my blog. Yeah it was that long time ago when I wrote here.

Reasons? Well I’ve got tons, work, private life and usually these combos can take over your life but in a good way :)

Excuses? Well I don’t have any. I would do everything in the same oder again. Am I stubborn? Oh yeah…  #noexcuses

So let’s see what was going on in these months:

Opened 2014 at the Space Needle and I was thinking what great place I am. I do remember clearly how happy I was about 2013 and lets see what 2014 brings.
In January had my holiday(ohh yes I should do these things more often:P) went to Vegas with Reni, from the East Coast and what can I say, we had a great time.  I wish I could describe that feeling when you are take a look at the Grand Canyon and it’s huge and that typical feeling of the “woooooow”. I have taken lots of pictures but it’s just not enough, so you need to got once in your lifetime :) My favorite teacher from Hungary was in Seattle it was so nice to
meet with her.

In February on 2nd February the Seattle Seahawks, the local football team won the Super Bowl, honestly I have never been a big football fan, but then I moved to Seattle, and  then learn what does it mean to be cornerback from Richard Sherman, quarterback from Russell Wilson and what is the “Best Mode” from Marshawn Lynch and what’s the 12th Man stand for. The moment when they announced it they won. We were at the Pioneer Square and whole city turned into the giant celebration, was pretty amazing.The same day when I had finished my ASL class I went to Imagine Dragons concert at the Key Arena and then I got lucky to get tiket to Sting & Paul Simon concert the day before for 60 dollars all the way on the top on the side, but I didn’t care, I though I was lucky enough even to have the ticket and didn’t care where it is and when the concert has started from the even crew somebody came to me with that question that would I like to to go down front of the stage, because they got unsold tickets. You those expensive ones, down there and I wa slike somebody need to pinch me and the next moment I was down there. Unforgettable 

In March I met Russell Wilson, we were out with my friend for a drink on Sunday night , no we do not have drinking problems we’re just au pairs and he was there.Then had a pretty good International Women’s Day with bf, one of those nights when we still knew how to enjoy each other company.The spring finally has arrived to Seattle and it soo sooo nice and warm and not to much rain. Flowers, tulips everywhere love it.End of the month I spent a weekend in Portland to visit my friends there. Serbian Musaka, Milka Chocolate, good talks just tooo much of good things, I wish we live closer to just jump over to each other. I was doing the Wine Tasting Class on Wednesdays and I enjoyed it so much got to know great people:)

In April we had an Italian night with Jenny and Myra, just like them a lot wanna be like then when I will get married and having kids , they just such a easy going people and I love the ladies night outs.
The Wine Tasting Class teacher happened to have Winery so we had our class closing party there…. oh yes, we were tasting wines :XD
My friend was here from Hungary and we got a very tight schedule with me in Seattle, and final comes in Chicago in two weeks. ;) I am hoping good weather and sunshine and of course lack of sleep.

I am having great time in Seattle, so far the best city where I have lived, only the smell of the weed bothers me sometimes and next stop?!

Keep in touch ;)





Sting and Paul Simon Seattle, Wa 19.02.2014

  1. Brand New Day
    (Paul Simon and Sting)
  2. Boy in the Bubble
    (Paul Simon cover) (Paul Simon and Sting)
  3. Fields of Gold
    (Paul Simon and Sting)
  4. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
    (The Police song)
  5. Englishman in New York
  6. I Hung My Head
  7. Driven to Tears
    (The Police song)
  8. Walking on the Moon
    (The Police song)
  9. Mother and Child Reunion
    (Paul Simon cover) (Paul Simon and Sting)
  10. Fragile
    (Paul Simon and Sting)
  11. America
    (Simon & Garfunkel cover)
  12. Message in a Bottle
    (The Police song)
  13. The Hounds of Winter
  14. They Dance Alone
  15. Roxanne
    (The Police song)
  16. Desert Rose
  17. The Boxer
    (Simon & Garfunkel cover) (Paul Simon and Sting)
  18. Encore:
  19. Late in the Evening
    (Paul Simon cover) (Paul Simon and Sting)
  20. Every Breath You Take
    (The Police song) (Paul Simon and Sting)
  21. Bridge Over Troubled Water
    (Simon & Garfunkel cover) (Paul Simon and Sting)
  22. Encore 2:
  23. When Will I Be Loved?

Life is a journey, not a destination.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson